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VDR - Patches, Notes & Addons

This page is designates for for my patches, notes and addons for Klaus Schmidinger's famous Video Disk Recorder (VDR). These informations are provided without any warranty but informations about successful or even unsuccessful use are welcome (and might be noted here also).

MPlayerCluster Plugin

According to Sascha Volkenandt, his plugin to use a mplayer on a remote server for transcoding a mplay-able file for DVB output is no longer maintained. However with some slight patches, it works for me with the current VDR release (1.2.5, 1.2.6 should work also).

MPlayer /

As a result of enhancing the MPlayerCluster plugin, I also mad a enhancement to MPlayer and the script used in (my) MPlayerCluster plugin and the MPlayer plugin.


As the mplayercluster-plugin from Sascha Volkenandt is no longer maintained (at least from himself currently), I now decided to to "do it on my own". The first results can be see in the recoder-tools.

MPlayer Plugin

As the result of now using my own recoder-tools, I can now use the normal MPlayer Plugin from Stefan Muempf.


I also made some extensions additions to vdr itself.

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